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Trying to decide rather to go to University or Technical College is the ultimate dilemma.

My time on this earth has shown me many things. One of the most blessed opportunities I have had is to actually have went to the Army, graduated from junior college, graduated from a 4 year college, completed a masters degree, and have worked in technical colleges as both a teacher and a administrator. I have kind of done it all, but if I had to do it again I would of went straight to trade school and in this article I am going to try and explain why.

Current state of Education and Work

Rather you have kids or not one thing that most people are keenly aware of is the push to send everyone to a 4 year college if they want to better their socio economic position.

While I am not totally against that the facts are many people are really struggling with the affordability of going to a 4 year school as pointed out in this NORC study. To summarize just over 34 percent of adults between the ages of 18 -44 felt that 4 year college was worth it if you had to take out loans to get through. Additionally, both the Brookings Institute and The Student Borrowers Protection Center concluded that 38.6% of people who took out student loans in that six-year span did not complete their college education in that period.

What does this mean for anyone looking to go to school?

In my professional opinion I feel that anyone who is considering school needs to know two things:

One, am I truly passionate about the career pathway I am choosing right now? This means beyond just reading about the salary or watching some youtube videos. Have you gone on a work shadow? Have you seen the bad side of the profession?

Secondly, when I go to school are the classes going to be taught in a way that appeals to how I learn. Although I don’t personally believe in learning styles. I know some people dont wanna listen to a 1 1/2 hour lecture 3 times a week. Nothing wrong with that but you have to know yourself and what appeals to you and what doesn’t. If lecture and reading is not your gig then you may really want to consider Technical College.

Why Technical College!

Hands-on learning

Unlike traditional college programs that emphasize theory and abstract concepts. Trade schools focus on practical skills that can be applied directly in the workforce. Moreover, will have the opportunity to work with industry-standard tools and equipment, and instructors who have been in your chosen field of interest.

Shorter program length

While college programs can take several years to complete, trade schools offer shorter, more focused programs. Depending on the program, students can graduate in as little as six months, meaning they can enter the workforce and start earning a salary sooner.

Job opportunities

Trade schools are designed to prepare students for specific careers. As a result, graduates are highly sought after by employers in their field. Additionally, trade school graduates often have a competitive edge over their college-educated peers because they have practical experience and are job-ready from day one.

Affordable Education

Trade schools are typically more affordable than traditional colleges and universities. A 2021 NCES report found 2 year public institutions to be $5,200 dollars cheaper to attend annually. Additionally, many trade schools offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help students with tuition costs. When coupled up with less time in school and a direct pathway to work it’s easy to see how going to technical college is a great option.

Diverse career options

Trade schools offer a wide range of programs and career options. Everything from welding and electrical work to cosmetology and culinary arts. Regardless of your interests, there is likely a trade school program that aligns with your career goals.


In conclusion, trade schools offer a valuable education optio. For those seeking hands-on learning, shorter program lengths, job opportunities, affordable education, and diverse career options. If you are considering your education and career options, it is worth exploring the benefits of trade schools

Not sure what degree to pick here is a list of some of the most in demand skilled trades.

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