Letting Go and Moving On

Rather it be work, family or friends one of the hardest things a person has to do is recognize when a situation is no longer salvageable and start to make an exit plan.

All too often we hold on to things, people, or jobs hoping that things will shift in or favor or go back to the way they once were only all to often to be left disappointed. I’m not advocating to give up on your dreams and aspirations heck I am facing some things in my personal life that by every convention of thought I should give up on ever achieving. Hell even writing this blog in itself seems like a long shot form some people vantage point. But this blog came from me giving up on living a life outside of God’s will for me.

I asked God what do you want me to do with my life and he told me to be an educator. I tried to run from it but the conviction brought me right back here. So you see letting go doesn’t mean you are giving up sometimes it just allows you to make space for your purpose. I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week.

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Letting Go

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